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it all starts with FAMILY

If you are reading this, chances are you value the same things we do: family, health and mouthwatering gourmet food. The good things in life. Our company is the answer to our desire to combine all three!

We’ve always enjoyed delicious food, but nurturing our young children has heightened our awareness of the nasty ingredients out there – it often seems a chemistry degree is required just to read the label! We wanted to create something unique: a healthy and responsible product, without sacrificing incredible taste and texture!

With a bowl-full of hard work, a good dash of family support and a sprinkling of inspiration from our coastal hometown, we think we’ve created something very special for you to enjoy… delicious gourmet yoghurt, made with love from our family to yours.





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Phone: 02 9938 3008

Text: 0481 305 217

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